Q:  Are Esler Health’s workshops accredited with the RACGP?

A:  Esler Health are accredited providers of RACGP and ACRRM QI&CPD educational activities.  Our primary care targeted medical education is planned with the RACGP and ACCRM education standards in mind.  More details about the accreditation of the educational workshops is available on the workshop page.

Q:  Are Esler Health’s workshops suitable for non-GP professionals working in primary care?

A:  Esler Health’s primary care workshops are tailored to GPs but suitable for other professionals delivering care in a primary care setting.  The interactive nature of the workshops means that participants will be able to ask questions specific to their own clinical care giving situation.

Q:  I am interested in attending a Esler Health workshop and I either don’t have a family, or don’t wish to bring mine along.  Is this okay?

Absolutely.  The principle objective of our workshops is high quality medical education.  We hold our workshops in family friendly environments so that medical professionals with children will not miss out.

Q:  Will there be a social?

Some of our larger workshops have a social program.  This will be specified on the workshop page if it is the case and will be at extra charge.


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